Whether you are interested in working on yourself, 

intrigued by the works of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother 

or willing to explore the foundations of integral yoga psychology, 

we invite you to follow the call.

Svadhyaya, the study of Self

An 8-Week Online Course in Integral Studies
Every Summer in May - June

Applications for Svadhyaya 3.0 are closed now. To participate in the next cohort, register here.


Course Stats

  • 30 online sessions, 1.5 hrs each, total 45 classroom hrs online

  • 4-8 hrs of project-work per week

  • 5 faculty members

  • 15-20 seekers

  • 2+ individual guidance sessions

What Will I Learn?

Svadhyaya is a beginners-level course to know and explore yourself and the world using the key ideas, vision and transformational practices as developed by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. In this course you would

1. Learn about Yourself 

  • Get an overview of various psychological parts of your being.

  • Explore your inner and outer nature through daily practices.

  • Get in-depth understanding about the psychological aspect you wish to develop within.

2. Learn about Integral Studies 

Who Can Join?

This programme is for you if you are:

  • Curious to know about yourself and ready to be authentic and vulnerable.

  • Curious to know about the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

  • Willing to put effort in turning theory into practice and work on yourself.

  • An active learner with self-drive - there will be homework!

  • Willing to attend all the online sessions and be on time.

  • Committed to complete your project on time.

  • Proficient in English

  • Comfortable with Zoom call, Google Drive and WhatsApp

  • The programme follows primarily the path of jnana yoga (yoga of knowledge) and karma yoga (yoga of works)

What Svadhyaya is Not?

  • Svadhyaya is not a programme for passive learners. The programme is intense and requires an active engagement in project work. 

  • Svadhyaya is not a therapeutic programme. The programme in the past has helped students to come out of depression, but that must be seen as a product of her own effort and one must not enroll with any such expectations.

  • It is not an advanced course. It is a beginners course focusing on the knowledge base common to integral yoga, integral psychology & integral education.

Reflections by Alumni

“The Intensity, the pragmatic approach, the acceptance & receptivity of the mentors, The whole structuring of the Svadhyaya, the sharings, the fellow participants. Basically everything was PERFECT for me.” - Sonia

“Every intricately woven part of Svadhyaya has inspired me - let it be sessions, content curation, sharing circles. I am deeply grateful that Svadhyaya happened to me.” - Radhika

“What touched me was the amazing contribution of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother to all of us and feeling elated with the feeling that Iam selected to take steps forward in the journey.” - Priya

“What touched me was the love ,calmness, and openness from the facilitators, in patiently and wholeheartedly guiding me through this journey. In answering all my queries, and creating a space where we didn't have to hold back in asking a question. 
It still amazes me how you created a space so intimate and warm, where I felt so deeply connected even though all of us were miles apart. 

What inspired me was the clearness, the clarity, the concise manner in which everything was explained in the programme” - Kamini

“What touched me was the Beauty, sincerity, love, equanimity shown by the facilitators, deep knowledge shared with different faculty, openness of the faculty to help, the way the space was held by the sangha, how the programme has run smoothly, how it has deeply impacted each one of us. 

The simplicity and beauty with which the movies revealed so much knowledge, it’s commendable.

How the programme was designed to make personal shifts within… whether it was practices, handouts, feedback forms, it was all so well organized. It’s touching to see the precision with which the whole programme worked towards a common goal.

It’s inspiring to watch Divyanshi and Manoj hold the space with so much love and energy. Deeply touched by Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s writings.” - Sandhya