Course Benefits


Svadhyaya is the beginning of a lifelong journey

Self-awareness: Experientially understand how one’s psychological parts of being work, what is their characteristic behaviour, strengths and weaknesses, 

Self-development: Learn how to develop one’s different parts of being in harmony with one’s deeper essence so that one expresses one’s  higher potentiality in life. 

You learn the basics of scriptwriting, video-making, video editing.

You will learn the foundations of integral yoga psychology in light of the visionary seer and psychologist Sri Aurobindo. 

Selected ​students who successfully complete the course would  be offered support to design custom collective learning journeys to further grow inward and develop their capacities. This is offered in the spirit of gift. 

Mentor-support to the alumni for their personal development, as and when required, is available based on mutual resonance and participants’ sincerity. This is offered in the spirit of gift.

Selected ​students who successfully complete from the course would become a part of the Purnam Center for Integrality’s alumni community. 

As a purnam alumni, one is offered an opportunity to 

  • Participate in several complementary or paid sessions

  • Participate and/or co-facilitate fee-based or complementary collective learning journeys focused on self-growth and self-development 

  • Given access to learning opportunities in the fields of social development and spirituality.  

Facilitator Apprentice. Sincere, committed and interested students with the requisite skill for the role from the Batch of 2022-2023 would be offered roles as “Facilitator Apprentices” to assist in selection and training of the next cohort of students. The requisite skills for this role are: a thorough understanding of the course content, a demonstrated ability to apply learnings in life, a lived transformative journey, ability to hold space for growth of others, organisational capacities, punctuality, sincerity and a willingness to learn & go out of one’s way to make things happen. 

Volunteering. Students who graduate successfully from the course will receive opportunities to volunteer with Purnam projects. These projects are all tailored towards self-development, and volunteering on these projects too is a way of self-development through “learning-by-doing”.