There are three major areas we will be exploring together.

  1. Vision & Work of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. Learn about the evolutionary crisis and the future of humanity as seen & articulated by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

  2. Self-Knowledge. Learn about yourself & grow within by getting to know various parts of your being, their characteristics and related transformational practices.

  3. Project Work​. Dive deep into a topic of your interest from the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

Why Sri Aurobindo and The Mother ?
“In my last 30 years of search, the single most important discovery was Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s research and findings.”, says Manoj Pavitran, a long-term Aurovilian.

After Buddha and Shankara, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have paved a new ground and given us a whole new perspective on the future course of evolution of our species. Their writings are a huge body of work, in the field of consciousness research covering both individual and collective evolution on earth. They have explored and outlined the evolutionary crisis of our species and gave us not only the vision of a radically different future for humanity but also the methods of undertaking such an evolutionary adventure. 

The extensive writings left behind by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are based on their own meticulous yogic research and an embodied understanding in the deep fields of consciousness. It gives us an integral knowledge in which everything finds its right place in the larger scheme of the evolutionary purpose in Nature. Unlike the spiritual traditions of the past, they have not only explored spiritual liberation but also a radical transformation of human nature - a powerful response to the global challenges of today’s world. Synthesizing the spiritual wisdom traditions of the past with the modern scientific notions of evolution on earth, they have given us a vision and method for the evolutionary transformation of our human nature.

If we are to rapidly upgrade the human nature, the patterns of knowledge encoded in their collected works gives the key.  It can be understood as a radically new Operating System for the human mind to evolve beyond itself. But their teachings are more complex than Quantum Mechanics. Yet it is written in plain English and the patterns are there to be mined. It is the very act of mining their works that has transformed many. Their words can disclose profound meanings in the deep silence of our heart and bring forth new possibilities. Svadhyaya project work is a deep dive into their writing through a topic of your choice.

Integral knowledge as mapped out by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother is the foundational knowledge behind Integral Education, Integral Psychology and Integral Yoga. Svadhyaya course provides a beginner level overview into these three major areas. You can read about them here (please click).

Why Self-knowledge?

While our modern education gives us an extensive and detailed understanding of the outer world there is hardly any focus on developing self-awareness and self-mastery. As a result, while we excel in producing technologies of enormous power, the human nature that puts these technologies into use remains unconscious and habitual. While technological evolution is rapidly accelerating we are yet to learn to evolve ourselves and there is a growing existential challenge we are facing as a species. If we are to keep up with the technological evolution, manage exponential changes in the world or even survive in the emerging world, it is critically important that we learn about ourselves, our profoundly complex and deep psychological nature. This is a domain where yogic research and processes have excelled over thousands of years and Svadhyaya is based on the integral psychology developed and perfected by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, which is a large synthesis of both ancient and modern wisdom.

We are animated by complex forces of our nature and to make sense out of our own impulses and drives the first step is to know ourselves, our various psychological parts and their propensities and interactions. This demands a detailed practical study of our own interiors with careful self-observation. Svadhyaya trains you to observe and identify various parts of your being, understand their behaviour, strengths and weaknesses and design personalised transformational practices to master your own psychological forces with a conscious and intelligent will.

We will be exploring the following in Svadhyaya:

  • Body consciousness and the ways to understand and transform it.

  • Vital or the dynamic life-force (prana) and its multilayered movements of consciousness, corresponding psychological experiences and ways to understand and transform them.

  • Mind and its various layers, different types of its intelligence and will and the ways to understand and transform them.

  • Psychic Being - the soul within, which brings with it the destiny of the individual and uses body, life-force and mind as its instruments of action in the world. It is our innermost being who is the impeller of all our progress.

Usually, all these have a mixed and confused working. They run against each other and get entangled in their complex movements. Integral education brings forth this into a conscious understanding and enables you to separate and harmonise their movements and opens the possibility of integration and constant progress.

Why Project Work?

Learning by Doing, Yoga of Work
It is in work we can most effectively encounter the various parts of our being and their unique characteristics. Work thus becomes a practice ground in getting to know ourselves and training various parts of our being. The project is a playground to convert all our theoretical understanding into practical application. You will be doing so through
a thorough study and a video production on the topic of your choice. In this process you will internalise the topic, take out its essence and bring it out in a dynamic and visual way - taking your understanding to a much deeper level. 

Topic That is Alive for You, Yoga of Self-Perfection
There are always some or other issues that come into our focus as living challenges to be resolved. We use project work as a means to convert this challenge into a living enquiry by using that as a window to dive deep into the writing of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother to get a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Working on the project thus becomes an opportunity to work on these challenges in your life. You will be given a list of topics derived from the Mother’s words on education to pick up the subject you would like to focus on.

Synthesis of Knowledge, Yoga of Knowledge
Reading all that Sri Aurobindo has written on a topic, one sees that he has apparently said the most contradictory things. But when one has read everything and understood a little, one perceives that all the contradictions complement each other and are organised and unified into an integral synthesis. The project will be our unique window to integral understanding. 
Examples of project topics chosen by alumni:

  • Fear

  • Aesthetic Sense

  • Lower Vital

  • Humility

  • Sincerity

  • Perseverance

  • Food

  • Purity and Purification

  • Expansion and Widening

  • Curiosity

  • Imagination

  • Concentration

  • Self-Observation

  • Silence & Mental Silence

Your Synthesis, An Offering to the World
The videos created out of the projects will be offered to the Integral Education Portal and the Purnam Labs Team, who will appraise them for their quality, use them to create a knowledge base and practices of integral education for future learners. Based on the decision of the team, some of the videos produced will be published on the Integral Education Wiki. Thus it becomes a valuable knowledge for others who are keen on learning the same topic.

This is a major component of the course.

You will be choosing one of the modules from