Course Structure

An 8-Week Online Course

  • 30 online sessions, 1.5 hrs each, total 45 hrs online

  • 4-6 hrs of project work per week, from week 2 - 7

  • 5 faculty members

  • 15-20 seekers

  • 2+ individual guidance sessions

Course Format

  1. Movies

  2. Worksheets

  3. Presentations

  4. Talks by experts

  5. Group discussions

  6. Sharing circles

  7. Project work

  8. Individual guidance

  9. Sangha calls among participants - a community of practitioners

  10. Daily practices

  11. Journaling

  12. Individual Guidance

The program is based on the idea that helping people systematically read the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, while providing knowledge about their philosophy & vision, is meaningful not just for theoretical knowledge of the subject and creating learning modules, but potentially also for individual growth & development.

To facilitate individual growth & as well as provide supervision on the projects, each student can connect with a facilitator for one-on-one guidance.

Project Stages

The project is meant to help you organise, assimilate and integrate knowledge in a field of your specific interest. The project would involve extensive reading and curation of a compilation and a summary from the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother based on your topic. The diagram below details the project stages.

2021 Timetable for Svadhyaya 3.0

Have a look at the Svadhyaya 3.0 timetable to get a sense of how Svadhyaya 4.0 timetable is likely to look like. 

Click here to view the timetable. 

Weekly Flow of the Programme
Week 1 and 2 gives an overview of integral studies.

Week 3 to 7 are focused on project work, with biweekly sessions, and opportunity for individual guidance.

The last week (Week 8) will be used to reflect on one’s journals and consolidate it into key insights and actions.

Throughout all weeks, Thursday sharing circles play an important part. Each student share about learnings from the project work & learnings about oneself.

Commitment to attending all sessions and delivering the project-work on time is an important pre-requisite to participating in the course. 

Financial Contribution

The financial contribution for the course is Rs. 20,000/-.